「From Beginner to Expert in 40 Lessons」
Aleksander Kostyev、Jon Speelman (著)」


(Contents List)
Lesson 1century. Lesson 2: the game of "Battleships" and chess notation; a game from the last century; the correct names of the pieces. Lesson 3: chess in the Ancient East; the story of Dilaram's mate; what ignorance of the rules leads to. Lesson 4: can everybody checkmate with a queen?; have you met the "Epaulette" mate? Lesson 5: the laws of chess - or the first commandment; which is harder - to mate with one rook or two bishops? Lesson 6: why did the Minister of Defence like chess?; some analogies and definitions. Lesson 7: knowledge is light, ignorance darkness - or some simple advice about how to start a game. Lesson 8: six exercises to test understanding of the preceding chapters; figurine algebraic notation. Lesson 9: so the opening is over - what should you do next?; an extract from Greco's notebook. Lesson 10: an amusing story about Wilhelm Steinitz; how to realize a material advantage. Lesson 11: an ancient Eastern saying; the rule of the square. Lesson 12: an introduction to chess compositions; an episode form the Swedo-Turkish war. Lesson 13: the great confrontation of kings - or what is opposition? Lesson 14: chess gems, three combinations. Lesson 15: play a "waiting move"; a quotation from Capablanca; more about the "rule of the square" and the opposition. Lesson 16: a study by the Pope; is it hard to learn how to play combinations? Lesson 17: the struggle between a queen and an advanced passed pawn; Lesson 18: Master Kasparian's lame knight; eleven variations on the theme of the Pin; Lesson 19: Zugzwang - that is when you'd like to miss a move. Lesson 20: the beginners secret weapon or the double attack; three cavalry charges. Lesson 21: how can you learn to calculate variations; a young player's story. Lesson 22: king against king, pawn agains pawn; distant, distant outside passed pawn; a paradox of chess geometry and Reti's "theorem". (Part contents)