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Theodore Tylor vs William Winter
"Bill and Ted's Excellent Combination" (game of the day Apr-11-13)
**Rd--()-, Hastings 1933 · Indian Game: Capablanca Variation (A47) · 1-0

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Bela Perenyi vs Karel Mokry
"Karel of the Bela" (game of the day Dec-24-2017)
Decin-B 8th (1978), rd 2, Jun-10
Sicilian Defense: Scheveningen Variation. Delayed Keres Attack Perenyi Gambit (B90) · 1-0

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Theodore Tylor vs Georges Koltanowski
Hastings 1929 · Philidor Defense: General (C41) · 1-0

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Edward W Formanek vs Anatoly Lein
"Pawn My Word!" (game of the day Apr-27-13)
Lone Pine (1977) · Spanish Game: Classical Variation (C64) · 0-1

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David Przepiorka vs J Von Patay
"Patay Cake" (game of the day Apr-30-13)
Meran ITA 1926 · Modern Defense: King Pawn Fianchetto (B06) · 1-0

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Ivan Lesnik vs Joze Siska
"Sicilian Mafia" (game of the day May-04-13)
Rogatska 1948 · Sicilian Defense: Dragon Variation. Yugoslav Attack Modern Line (B76) · 0-1

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John Owen vs Thomas Wilson Barnes
"Owen to the Fact" (game of the day May-08-13)
London (England) 1857 · Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Pierce Defense (C52) · 1-0

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Cenek Kottnauer vs Efim Bogoljubov
"Cenek View" (game of the day Jun-07-13)
Prague clock simul 1932 · Semi-Slav Defense: Meran Variation (D47) · 1-0

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Isidor Gunsberg vs NN
"Legal Gray Area" (game of the day Jun-11-13)
casual 1907 · King's Gambit: General (C30) · 1-0

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Barbara Hund vs Christa Hartog
"Hund Dread" (game of the day Jul-06-13)
Cologne FRG-ch (Women) 1978 ·
Scandinavian Defense: Main Lines. Leonhardt Gambit (B01) · 1-0

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R E Adams vs Robert Smith
"Poverty of Notions" (game of the day Jan-13-14)
New South Wales v Queensland Telegraph Match 1872 · English Opening: The Whale (C20) · 1-0

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Dietrich Duhm vs Andreas Duhm
"Duhm and Duhmer" (game of the day May-26-16)
Unknown (1900) · Spanish Game: Open. Open Variation (C80) · 1-0

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Vasily Panov vs Mikhail M Yudovich Sr.
"Panov Worms" (game of the day Mar-22-17)
Tbilisi (1937) · French Defense: Alekhine-Chatard Attack. Teichmann Variation (C13) · 0-1

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M Stock vs Valer-Vasile Demian
"Demian: the Omen" (game of the day Apr-14-17)
corr EU/M (1976) · Gruenfeld Defense: Russian. Hungarian Variation (D97) · 0-1

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Eric Dale Bone vs Leroy Dubeck
"Bone of Contention" (game of the day Apr-19-17)
72nd US open (1971) · Formation: King's Indian Attack (A07) · 0-1

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Yacov Murey vs William Nicholas Watson
"The Traveling Bishop" (game of the day May-16-17)
It-open, Montpellier (1985) · King's Indian Defense: Saemisch Variation. Panno (E84) · 1-0

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Tony Magee vs Cliff Aker
"Cliff Hanger" (game of the day May-21-17)
cr (1981) · King's Gambit: Declined. Classical Variation (C30) · 1-0

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