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F Alexander Hoffmann vs Alexander Petrov
"Petrov's Immortal" (game of the day Apr-16-07)
Warsaw m (1844) · Italian Game: Classical Variation. Center Attack (C53) · 0-1

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Ryder vs NN
"Ryder's on the Storm" (game of the day Sep-29-14)
Leipzig (Germany) (1899) · Blackmar-Diemer Gambit: Ryder Gambit (D00) · 1-0

アーサー·W·ライダー Arthur William Ryder (March 8, 1877 – March 21, 1938)

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Dawid Daniuszewski vs Anatoly Alekseevich Chepurnov
"The Dark Knight Rises" (game of the day Aug-04-14)
All Russian Amateur (1909) · Queen's Gambit Declined: Modern Variation. Normal Line (D55) · 0-1

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Gyula Sax vs Raymond Keene
"Sax and Violence" (game of the day Sep-09-14)
Teesside (1972) · Pirc Defense: Bayonet Attack (B07) · 1-0

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Paul M List vs Jacques Mieses
"Short Listed" (game of the day Sep-16-14)
Berlin (1927) · Slav Defense: Quiet Variation. Schallopp Defense (D12) · 1-0

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Alexander Riazantsev vs Vladimir Nevostrujev
"Nevoconstructivism" (game of the day Oct-05-14)
Russian Championships (2002) · Indian Game: West Indian Defense (E61) · 0-1

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Hans Lindehn vs Ladislas Maczuski
"A Show of Hans" (game of the day Oct-29-14)
Paris - (1863) · Danish Gambit: Accepted. Copenhagen Defense (C21) · 1-0

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Miso Cebalo vs Evgeni Vasiukov
"Cebalo 13" (game of the day Nov-01-14)
Sibenik (2014) · Dutch Defense: Hopton Attack (A80) · 1-0

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Joel Lautier vs Peter Leko
Ubeda (1997) · Sicilian Defense: Scheveningen. Fianchetto Variation (B80) · 1-0

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Igor Arkadievich Zaitsev vs NN
"When the Caro Kan't" (game of the day Dec-01-14)
simul (1970) · Caro-Kann Defense: Panov Attack. Modern Defense Reifir-Spielmann Line (B13) · 1-0

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Jackson Whipps Showalter vs George Hatfeild Gossip
"Juicy Gossip" (game of the day Apr-21-09)
USA-06.Congress New York (1889) · Scotch Game: Schmidt Variation (C45) · 0-1

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Francis Burden vs NN
"Burden the Hand" (game of the day Mar-17-15)
London m/7 (1850) · King's Gambit: Accepted. Bishop's Gambit Cozio Variation (C33) · 1-0

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