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J Reinisch vs Karel Traxler
"The Traxler Variation" (game of the day Mar-01-17)
Hostoun (1890) · Italian Game: Two Knights Defense. Traxler Counterattack Knight sac line (C57) · 0-1

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The chess games of Karel Traxler
Karel Traxler (1866-1936) チェコ カトリック神父

Karel Traxler の全棋譜

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Edwin Ziegler Adams vs Carlos Torre Repetto
"Take my wife. Please!" (game of the day Apr-01-15)
New Orleans (probably analysis) (1920) · Philidor Defense: Exchange Variation (C41) · 1-0

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Sergei Prokofiev vs Maurice Ravel
"Love for Three Pieces" (game of the day May-30-15)
Mont La Joli (1924) · Nimzo-Indian Defense: Leningrad Variation (E30) · 1-0

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John Joseph Carleton vs Gert Jan Timmerman
WC15 Final (1996) · Vienna Game: Stanley. Frankenstein-Dracula Variation (C27) · 0-1
Corr 2015 - Fearless games, fantastic gambits | Chess News

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Kenneth Rogoff vs Steve Spencer
US Jnr Chp (1969) · Caro-Kann Defense: Gurgenidze System (B15) · 1-0

Did you guess who annotated Rogoff-Spencer 1969? | Chess News

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Jack Rudd vs Martin Simons
"Hit the Rudd, Jack" (game of the day Oct-30-15)
BCF-ch 87th (2000) · Scandinavian Defense: Icelandic-Palme Gambit (B01) · 0-1

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Evgeny Tomashevsky vs Alexander Ipatov
European Team Championship (2015) ·
Queen's Gambit Declined: Cambridge Springs Variation (D52) · 1-0

ETCC R01: Top seeds have it easy | Chess News

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A Smitten vs Prince Andrey Dadian of Mingrelia
"Once Smitten, Twice Shy" (game of the day Nov-29-15)
Unknown (1896) · King's Gambit: Accepted. Salvio Gambit (C37) · 0-1

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David Parr vs Raymond Keene
"Parr for the Course" (game of the day Sep-26-16)
British Schools Championship (1962) ·
French Defense: Advance Variation. Milner-Barry Gambit (C02) · 1-0

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